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Don Thompson

My name is Don Thompson. I was born and raised in the Dublin , GA , USA area.  I have been in the “Special Event” business for 35 years. I have always had a passion for music, parties, and people. A few years ago, I started doing music for different local events, like Elks Lodge, private parties and doing some volunteer work for local nursing homes. In the  process of overcoming stage fright and age hurdles, my music career began to grow and before I knew it, my music dreams had become a reality. The fun we were having began to be contagious and several of my friends bought equipment, lights and computers….and we were booking events left and right.

Don Thompson

Being in the special event business, most of the big events contact me long before the event date. A majority of larger weddings begin pre-planning a year in advance, and therefore, giving me a great shot at offering music for the event. Last year alone, I did music for over 50 events myself. Because of the economy, I was able to offer great music and entertainment at a lower price than most large bands. Demand began to grow!  In most cases, large bands just could not compete for small back yard parties and other small events. I began to realize that there is a great need for small, medium, and large entertainment offerings.

Don’s Entertainment and Booking Agency was born simply by following my dreams, understanding the special event business and recognizing the demand for party fun at all levels. The intent of this booking agency is to offer not only music venues, but clowns, limo rentals, bounce rides, and slides, solo trumpet, sax, flute, and vocal musicians, small and large musical groups, gospel events and the list goes on. You dream it, and we can theme it.

There is no fee for joining our team, and Don’s Entertainment and Booking Agency retains only a small  portion of the total fee (15%) as a deposit, and the entertainer will collect the (85%) , or balance due at event end.

For more information, you can contact me at 478-275-3586 or donthompson50@yahoo.com. Be sure to visit our special event site also www.donsspecialevents.com.

Don’s Special events has built an empire of special event services and we’re hoping that you will join our team of giving great service to the central GA area. Don’s Entertainment and Booking Agency is just another way of saying…
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