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Oleg Frish is a man for all seasons.

The Russian native and international TV personality has been a part of show business since the age of 16.

Born in the USSR, Frish hails from a musical family.

His mother is a pianist and his father was longtime head of the children’s choir and an important member of the artistic community.

While his father discouraged him from a singing career, Oleg knew that show business was where he wanted to be so he embarked on a performing career after graduating from the Kalinin State University.

Among his first jobs 30 years ago was that of a “singing psychic.”

As part of his act, he would guess what songs people in the audience were thinking about and then he would sing them.

His “mind reading” skills lead to national recognition and certification by one of the Soviet Union’s top cultural institutions.

It also lead to his induction into the prestigious World Magicians Brotherhood.

With so much recognition coming his way, Oleg moved to Moscow, where he became the editor of a prominent performing arts magazine covering the fields of music, variety and circuses.

While in Moscow, Frish took a degree in the history of variety and circus arts and developed an interest in promoting Russian “stars of the past.”

He toured the country lecturing on show biz history to students and the general public and gained a reputation as an expert in this area of study.

His work lead to recognition in the All-Russian Encyclopedia of Variety, which dedicated an article to his accomplishments.

Following periodic trips to other countries, including the U.S., Frish decided to join the Russian migration to America and particularly the New York City area, where a large immigrant population gave birth to a small but growing Russian-language publishing, entertainment and broadcast industry.

Frish called on old friends from Moscow to help accelerate his career in the U.S. and soon he was writing articles and hosting a regularly scheduled program on WMNB, where he interviewed such Russian notables as Tatiana Samoilova and Elena Kamburova for a show titled “Walking The Streets of Moscow.”

The time ultimately arrived when a Russian-language TV station was ready for broadcast in America about the same time as Oleg’s appetite for and knowledge of American pop music of the 50s and 60s was growing.

NTV America  was established in New York and along with it a flagship entertainment magazine show hosted by Frish.

“Time Out” is now a staple of the Russian network and has featured Frish hosting a who’s who of American show business luminaries.

Among the many stars who have accepted the affable TV host’s invitation for an interview are Whoopi Goldberg, Connie Francis, B.B. King, Paul Anka, Neil Sedaka, Jack Jones and Nancy Wilson.

The “Time Out” program now reaches 60 million people in 19 countries and ranks as the top Russian-language entertainment show, the “Entertainment Tonight of Russian TV.

Inspired by his love for music, Frish has also embarked on a newfound singing career.

Recently he recorded an album of Russian standards, followed by the soon-to-be released CD of American songbook favorites, “Bring Me Sunshine,” recorded at the legendary Capitol Records studios in Hollywood.

In addition to recording music and hosting his TV shows and periodic live variety shows, Frish is now planning a cabaret show to tour America, adding to the energetic impresario’s resume of show business accomplishments for both English and Russian speaking audiences.


$1,000-2,000 Depending on Venue

$4,000-5,500 With Band