Psychological Entertainer

Nick is a world renowned Psychological Entertainer. He’s been described as a “modern day Sherlock Holmes” with his keen ability to read peoples’ thoughts, influence their actions, and predict the future. His talents have captured the imagination of people of all walks of life. Nick is the master of making the impossible possible. His show “Wonders of the Mind” is a fun and mystifying show where the audience leaves being fully entertained as well as baffled by what they have just witnessed.

Nick’s epic performance will have everyone talking about it for years to come. The show is full of audience participation and humor as Nick captivates everyone by reading their thoughts and influencing their actions leaving them with one question. Were these your thoughts or mine? It’s quite clear why Nick is in demand all over the world.   His talents have captured the imagination of the world and the press can’t get enough of him. Nick has appeared on TV talk shows, radio shows, and newspapers across the country.

List of Past Venues:

The Final Cut- Los Angeles

Better Mornings Atlanta- Atlanta

MZN Radio- New Jersery                                             

WMLB 1690- Atlanta

Free Wheelin Life Style- Atlanta

Gas House Radio- Pennsylvania

Garage 71- Atlanta

It’s just us Radio- Atlanta

Clean free fun- Atlanta


Nick offers 2 main types of shows. One is 60min and the other is 30min. He will make exceptions for Theater and Colleges in which case he will go 90min. He also make exceptions if someone wants a 45min show. Nick also offers a walk around (strolling) show.

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